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Interior Inspiration

Interior Inspiration

Parisian apartment by Baldini architecture

The home of Steve Baldini, from Paris based design business Baldini Architecture, is a great example of how to play with colour and pattern in a small space (43 square metres). Whilst the interior scheme is mostly white with white painted floors and walls, there’s also bolts of deep terracotta-red and inky blue paint, palm print wallpaper and cement patterned tiles. Natural rattan bar stools and pendant lights along with woven hanging chairs add texture and the tall cactus plant for that must-have touch of greenery. Light, fresh, modern and bright with pops of strong colour, this isn’t your typical Parisian interior but one we absolutely love.

Photos Baldini Architecture. 

Interior Inspiration

As styled by some of our favourite Instagrammers

So every day we’re shipping orders to our lovely customers but where do they actually end up?  Its always great to see interior products from Mink Interiors pop up on Instagram and here’s some of the stylish homes we’ve recently spotted with the hashtag #minkinteriors. 


Marie Nichols | @marienichols | Interiors Stylist 

Teamed with a modern rustic interior, this White Wool Rug with Tassels sits perfectly with a range of natural textures; leather, rustic wood + metals, and a pop of yellow.  Follow Marie to see glimpses into her home and working world as an interiors stylist for home magazines and interiors brands. 

Ciara Elliott | @ciaraelliott | Editor of interiors magazine Essential Kitchens Bedrooms and Bathrooms Magazine

Ciara styles this Feather Juju in Black + Natural with a mixture of luscious green house plants, wooden furniture + copper industrial-inspired lighting.  Follow Ciara for daily posts and stories on interiors, fashion and travel.  Also a regular host of different interiors related hashtags including #nestandthrive and #colourmyhome.

Erica Davies | @erica_davies | Fashion Editor

Erica has recently renovated her kitchen and dining area with dark grey kitchen cabinetry and bolts of vibrant colour in furnishings and textiles with a modern boho botanical style. We love how Erica has styled the Tropical Palm Lamp in this corner of her home.  Love that blue colour on the walls too – its Juniper Ash from Little Green Paint Company. 

Shop these products as seen on Instagram via the links below or on the webshop!


Interior Inspiration

12 Art Walls to Inspire

A house full of blank walls can be intimidating and daunting, and can be left feeling unfinished if left completely blank. Hanging artwork is one of the quickest and most rewarding ways to transform and uplift a space, whilst also making it your own. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to art styling, but it always helps to find enviable interiors and vignettes to get inspiration from. These are some of our favourite, covering a mix of styles from polished and monochrome to rustic and exposed industrial:

Showcase a diverse mix of photography, digital prints, pencil drawings and paintings for a look that is both curated, varied and exciting. The warm earthy tones of the art pieces create a sense of comfort and luxury, which creates a stylish juxtaposition against the exposed brick wall.

Amongst a mix of neutral and muted tones, a pop of pink of the kitchen is carried across to the gallery wall lengthening the space. Taking the prints all the way from the floor to the ceiling draws your eyes higher, making the room feel larger. Unusually shaped, almost as if around the chair, and with additional prints freestanding makes the space even more enticing and intriguing.

The bold colours featured throughout the room are also showcased within the artwork, with warm mustard yellow tones, pops of bold red and rich blues – this pulls the room together creating a sense of cohesion, whilst still enabling each individual piece to shine on it’s own.

A mostly monochrome look which doesn’t risk feeling cold or stark due to the addition of wooden frames and natural tones featured heavily in the paintings. Shelves offer flexibility, you can completely change the entire look whenever you want, to easily move prints around or to stack. They also provide another surface for adding objects of interest into the mix.

The wooden panelling brings the artwork to life, creating a rich and bold backdrop for the white borders to pop against. This art wall uses a bold mix of primary colour abstract work and monochrome graphic photography, creating a high contrast style.

For an art wall that looks like it’s housing a carefully curated collection that has evolved over time, think about each piece individually rather than as a whole – rather than purchasing frames en masse, choose them to best suit each print, leaving some with thicker borders and others with none. This will create a miss-match yet tailored look that allows every piece of art to be showcased to it’s full potential.

If your art wall will heavily feature monochrome art prints, style in a space with warm colours and a range of textures: think leather, rattan, sheepskin teamed with rich green house plants. Inject warmth, brightness + another dimension to your art wall with a shelf wall light. This 90 Degrees Wall Shelf Light comes in a range of finishes, perfect for any gallery wall aesthetic. The 90 Degrees Wall Light acts as both an industrial-luxe light and a shelf, creating the perfect space to showcase stylish decorative items and trinkets. If the artwork of your gallery wall is more simple and clean, go for the Wall Light in either Brass or Copper for a bolt of metallics, or if your artwork collection houses a diverse mix of styles and colouring, go for a matte-finished wall light in White, Black or Grey.

This playful pink painted statement wall features abstract art in a mostly monochromatic palette. The frames are spaced out with larger gaps than usual allowing the pink colour of the wall to ‘hold’ each art print, providing a strong backdrop.

Two gallery walls in one space; one against a rich blue backdrop, the other showcased against a tark white. Though not completely themed, portraits do take centre stage in the mix. If you have a large amount of abstract prints, the addition of portraits/faces brings the space to life and adds a welcoming touch.

If you want a look that you can swap around quickly and easily update, use long picture shelves to hold your artwork. It creates a slightly more uniform look with all frames resting on the same level, but allows you the freedom to move and adjust at your hearts whim. Choose three frame sizes and stack, stack, stack.

In a space with high ceilings, don’t feel daunted by the space, instead celebrate it. Take picture shelves right up to the ceiling, giving the eye something exciting to focus on rather than a never-ending wall. With large gaps between shelves, you can style a variety of sized prints amongst decorative pieces to make the space more personal and homely.

Go uniform with an even mix of prints in the same size and display almost symmetrically for the space to feel level. The prints have been curated to offset the rich mustard tones of the patterned wallpaper, and though they are patterned, the muted tones and romantic style of photography mean that they’re not fighting with the wallpaper, but creating another point of interest in the room.

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The Bar Cart – how to style

The bar cart is most certainly a ‘must-have’ this season and we’re swooning over our Luxe Brushed Brass Bar Cart with statement circular design (as seen in store – above right).  A soft industrial design that also looks a little bit vintage, this bar cart will bring a touch of glamour and high-style to your interior scheme.  How to style it? This piece of furniture is so versatile it can be styled in many ways from stacking with pots and plants for a botanical display or loading with your favourite tipple ready for the party season. Alternatively, add a table top lamp, a few books and a plant or vase, maybe a basket and you’ve created a whole different styled vignette.   Think of the bar cart or drinks trolley as flexible piece of furniture, like a side table, that can moved around your space and styled to suit the room or occasion.


Sleek and elegant trolley or side table with clear glass looks great with colourful glassware, a stack of books plus bottles and a vase in rich brown and green tones.



Simple chrome trolley styled with tall candle holders, interesting objects and wall light (left) // Lucite drinks trolley stacked with copper barware on a monochrome backdrop (right).


Style a brass trolley against a rich dark wall to highlight the little details and glossy glass decanters (left) // Exposed brick, brass trolley, dark painted floors and a neon sign – we love! (right).


A mix of bottles, decanters, books, art and a clip on lamp on this simple black design (left) // From the kitchen to sofa via pouring a stiff drink from this elegant drinks trolley – the vase with foliage and mirror above create the perfect vignette for this corner of the room (right).


Steely grey backdrop and chrome trolley stacked with glassware, bottles and candles (left) // A pink backdrop, geometric marble and white tiled floor and freestanding artwork creates a fun and feminine feel.

Interior Inspiration

Hanging Chairs: 12 Indoor / outdoor rooms to inspire

Suspended from the ceiling, a hanging chair is the perfect cosy seat for relaxing and just hangin’ out!  We’re loving our new white rattan hanging chair with its curved pod-like shape and open weave which allows the light to pass through. Not taking up much physical space and freeing up valuable floor space, hanging chairs create a statement in both large and small interiors. We loving styling ours with a sheepskin and a stack of cushions for a luxe scandi style. Check out the following inspirational images for more ideas on where to hang and how to style your hanging chair.


white_hanging_chair_white_tiles_mink_interiors_inspirationhanging_chair_mink_interiors_interiors_2016 mink_interiors_hanging_chair_tropical_trend_interiors interiors_inspiration_2016_hanging_chair_mink_interiors Mink_interiors_hanging_chair_interior_styling_2016 mink_interiors_blog_white_interior_hanging_chair_inspiration mink_interiors_hanging_chair_70s_style_boho_interiors mink_interiors_8_hanging_chairs_interiors_inspiration_trend_2016


Image Source: Pinterest
Take a look at our Pinterest board for more inspiration:

Interior Inspiration

Interior Inspiration: Monochrome Home

The monochrome interiors trend we’re seeing in 2016 is hardly a revelation; it’s an evolution of a timeless classic. 2016 sees a typically androgynous + cool look become paired with rustic materials, natural textures + refined hues to create a warm, yet stylish aesthetic.



Create a gallery wall with miss-matched monochrome prints of different sizes, displayed in both black + white frames. Opt for a variety of print styles, from illustration, typography and photography to achieve an interesting statement look. We have a new range of black and white art prints, perfect if you’re looking to create your own gallery wall.


The Berber rug enjoys a rich history, with the first of it’s kind dating back to the Paleolithic era. Today, still being woven in Morocco, they’re highly coveted and have come into vogue. There’s a wide variety of styles you could get your hands on, showcasing a whole spectrum of colours and patterns, but if you’re working to create a monochrome interior, stick to a classic black + white or champagne + black. They’re both statement and timeless, whilst adding texture and warmth to your space. On the lookout for the perfect Berber style rug?

Add warmth to a monochrome look by introducing a range of natural elements and a range of textures, including leather, wood, sheepskin and rattan. A highly coveted trend for this year, rattan is both practical and beautiful in a more refined and neutral tone. Add rattan dining chairs in a natural hue to a black + white kitchen or dining space, sheepskin throws to a dark and masculine sofa, or showcase bold and leafy house plants for a monochrome interior that is both classic and on trend.

• Image Source: