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Interior Inspiration: Monochrome Home

The monochrome interiors trend we’re seeing in 2016 is hardly a revelation; it’s an evolution of a timeless classic. 2016 sees a typically androgynous + cool look become paired with rustic materials, natural textures + refined hues to create a warm, yet stylish aesthetic.



Create a gallery wall with miss-matched monochrome prints of different sizes, displayed in both black + white frames. Opt for a variety of print styles, from illustration, typography and photography to achieve an interesting statement look. We have a new range of black and white art prints, perfect if you’re looking to create your own gallery wall.


The Berber rug enjoys a rich history, with the first of it’s kind dating back to the Paleolithic era. Today, still being woven in Morocco, they’re highly coveted and have come into vogue. There’s a wide variety of styles you could get your hands on, showcasing a whole spectrum of colours and patterns, but if you’re working to create a monochrome interior, stick to a classic black + white or champagne + black. They’re both statement and timeless, whilst adding texture and warmth to your space. On the lookout for the perfect Berber style rug?

Add warmth to a monochrome look by introducing a range of natural elements and a range of textures, including leather, wood, sheepskin and rattan. A highly coveted trend for this year, rattan is both practical and beautiful in a more refined and neutral tone. Add rattan dining chairs in a natural hue to a black + white kitchen or dining space, sheepskin throws to a dark and masculine sofa, or showcase bold and leafy house plants for a monochrome interior that is both classic and on trend.

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